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Anne was fortunate enough to have grown up surrounded by business a oriented family.  This created an interest in a career path other than the norm of the secretarial route followed by many women.

Her strong profile includes positions such as:
∑'Junior Steel Trader' (importing specialised stainless steel and alloys for an international indent agent)
∑Internal Communications Officer for all 4 divisions of a major oil company
∑Marketing Director: Overseeing the marketing logistics of the hospital division of a pharmaceutical concern
Law Society of South Africa: Legal training and education  
This experience lead her to intensify her aim to follow a combined Public Relations and Marketing career.

In 1989 Anne formed her own company and held contracts for many years with five top business concerns - one of which was the Law Society of South Africa.  Here she set the systems from ground level and launched the first night school on their behalf for graduate law students.  This included the marketing, administration, system development, writing of bi-annual programmes, documentation and employment of specialist attorneys and advocates in the 16 topics of law. There are presently 14 such school nationally run on the same format.  Whilst there, Anne compiled the successful Legal Competition bid presented in Ireland to 11 English-speaking countries, bringing them to South Africa where the event was hosted in Durban in 2003.

Since then she has branched into Event Management and along with her Public Relations and Marketing has co-ordinated projects for concerns such as Homemakers Expo, Media 24, Cashbuild and St Peterís College. Sponsorship is a part of her marketing portfolio and Anne is now also a co-owner of the AIR GP ô initiative soon to be launched in South Africa, which will bring international advanced aerobatic pilots to compete in a pylon air racing series.  The series is to become an international event.
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